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You can admit it. When you've been working from home, you work from the toilet.

New survey shows that COVID restrictions have made Americans far more inactive, with the average person spending an additional four hours a day sitting down.

Surprisingly, nearly one in 10 people have taken a work call or meeting or sent an email from the toilet. Amid this new normal, longer periods of time spent sitting, being inactive, or changing our eating habits are all contributing factors to health issues. On the eating front, more than one-third of Americans (34%) have admitted to eating more unhealthy, fatty foods since the quarantine began.

“While it’s no secret that increased sitting can impact elements of health like posture, there can also be a correlation between sitting for extended periods of time and backside discomfort including hemorrhoids,” says Brett Henige, Senior Brand Manager for Preparation H®, in a statement.

Working from home isn’t the only way Americans spend time sitting. During the pandemic, Americans are spending nearly five hours seated watching television and another three hours scrolling through social media on an average day.

“Too much time spent sitting can put excess pressure on your backside, which can have some unpleasant effects. To that end, nearly one-quarter of Americans have suffered from hemorrhoids since spending more time at home in 2020,” Henige adds.

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